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Every county assessor must prepare and maintain a property record file which includes a property record card for each parcel in the county, including improvements on leased land. The property record file and card must be updated annually by the county assessor to reflect any changes made to the assessment information for the property.
Title 350, Ch. 10, 005.01. 10/26/2014.

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Disclaimer: Due to rounding, numbers presented on this property record file may not add up precisely to totals provided and percentages may not precisely reflect absolute figures.
Please contact the assessor’s office with your questions or concerns with the property record file (402)593-2122.

Neb. Rev. Stat. §84-712.01 requires the disclosure of all public records. While there are limited exceptions, nearly all records possessed by Sarpy County are considered public records and must be disclosed. The records on the website are those that have always been available to anyone who desires to inspect those records. While the law does not require that any records be available via the internet, doing so is a convenience for those that wish to view the records, reduces the time County employees spend assisting and monitoring on-site visitors and reduces the risk of tampering with the records.

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