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The Sarpy County Sheriff's Office, along with Sarpy County Human Services, has established a Help Line for the citizens of Sarpy County during the COVID-19 pandemic event. Starting March 20, 2020, people who are sick, elderly, or caretakers of this demographic in Sarpy County may call the Sarpy County Sheriff Helpline at 402-593-1593 for needs such as picking up prescriptions, groceries, or other necessities. A uniformed Sarpy County Sheriff's Deputy will pick up and deliver these items in a marked police cruiser. This helpline may also be utilized by the general public to make non-emergency police reports via telephone that do not require a police officer present in their home. The following providers are participating in this program:

Walmart in Papillion
Target in Papillion (Groceries Only)
Bakers at 36th St & Twin Creek Dr
Bakers at 801 Galvin Rd (Pharmacy Only)
Springfield Drug (Pharmacy Only)

Please check the Sheriff's Office website and Facebook Page for any new updates to this program.


In lieu of the Coronavirus Pandemic (COVID-19), beginning Friday, March 20, 2020 at 08:00, the Sarpy County Sheriff's Office will no longer accept walk-in applicants who want to obtain a Firearms Purchase Certificate. During regular office hours, Monday - Friday, 8:00 am - 4:45 pm, the Sheriff's Office will have a packet for citizens who want a Firearms Purchase Certificate located within the vestibule of the main entrance of the Sarpy County Sheriff's Office. In the packet, there will be directions on how to fill out the application, a flow sheet of what documentation is needed, a cover sheet for the name and phone number of the applicant, and the application itself.




The Sarpy County Sheriff's Office has made changes to the vehicle titling process. Private Citizens can call the Title Inspection Office and set up a title inspection starting 3/19/20 at noon, by calling 402-593-2328 or 402-593-2329,  0800-1600 hours Monday thru Friday.


Citizens will call one of the above numbers to schedule the appointment.  When the person arrives at the courthouse for their appointment, they will call the number that they called to set up the appointment to let the title inspector know that they are in the courthouse parking lot. The citizen will then be asked to leave the car running, exit the vehicle, leave the drivers door open, and stand at the rear of the vehicle to wait for the Inspector.  The Inspector will go to the vehicle, make the inspection, collect the 10.00 fee and the proper titling paperwork that is needed to register a vehicle.   After all of the paperwork has been collected they will have the citizen sign the title paperwork.  Once the paperwork is signed the inspector will deliver the paperwork to the Treasurer’s office for processing.  At this point the citizen will be allowed to leave and wait to hear from the Sarpy County Treasurer’s Office via land line telephone.When the Treasure’s office receives the paperwork, they will call the citizen to collect the state and local taxes over the phone. 


Any dealership that needs to have vehicles inspected will comply with the following procedures.  Dealerships will be asked to call 402-593-2328 or 402-593-2329, to have inspections set up on dealership property.  The dealerships are allowed to have 15 cars inspected per visit by the title inspector.  All of the vehicles will be located side by side on the dealership property.  Each vehicle will be running, the required paperwork will be on the front seat of the vehicle and the drivers door will be open.  One employee from the dealership will be present to provide payment to the inspector when all of the vehicles have been checked. 


'Latte with the Law', scheduled for March 19, 2020, at Hard Bean Coffee has been cancelled due to COVID-19 preventative measures. These types of events provide us with an opportunity to interact with the public that we serve. This event will be evaluated and possibly rescheduled.

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