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Sarpy County patrols 241 square miles, with a population of just over 162,000 people, and also provides contract law enforcement services for the cities of Springfield and Gretna.  Some of the services provided :

911 service for emergencies
Medical emergencies
Crimes in Progress
Suspicious persons, vehicles or activities
Fights, disturbances and riots
Traffic accidents
Traffic control
Crime reports

Sarpy County offers STOP classes for persons who have been issued traffic citations. Information regarding offenses that are eligible for the classes can be found at our Safety Program webpage

Sport Utility Vehicles are being used for Road Patrol, as they provide better handling in adverse weather conditions and provide better space for the equipment that is installed in the vehicles.


Added in 2018 was a new design for the black and white, adding a new badge decal. The black 'SHERIFF' lettering on the side contains a blue line, representing the line we stand as protectors. The rear hatch features reflective chevrons, alerting traffic to move over and yield.

A cruiser is designed to promote Project Livesaver, which is a program that provides monitoring of persons who may be at risk of wandering away. Participants can register and wear a wristband, which can locate them if they are missing. More about the program is available on our Project Lifesaver page.

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness, a special road patrol cruiser is designed in the pink breast cancer awareness theme. The cruiser is a tribute to those who have had breast cancer, and promotes "Early Detection Saves Lives."

A special camo design was created to honor military men and women in the Armed Forces. The cruiser represents our respect of the brave men and women who are currently serving or have served their country. We appreciate the sacrifices they make for our great country.



The Ford Crown Victoria has been a patrol vehicle for the Sarpy County Sheriff's Office, as well as many other agencies throughout the country.

Chevy Silverado - late 1990

Chevy Caprice - late 1980

Mid 1980 Ford Crown Victoria

Mid 1970 Dodge

Mid 1960 fleet


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