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Why take the 4-Hour STOP Class?

Dismiss a minor traffic citation received in Sarpy County.

Do not go to court.  Instead, complete the class any time between when you receive your ticket and no later than 7 days prior to the court date on your ticket.

Do not pay the fine/court costs on your ticket.  Instead, just pay for the class.  Paying your ticket will result in your citation appearing on your driving record. 


What is the cost of the 4-Hour STOP Class?


How do I know if I’m eligible for the 4-Hour Class?

Eligibility for the 4-Hour STOP Class includes persons who

What if I have more than one violation or warning on my ticket?

Call the Sarpy County Safety Program at (402)593-1564 for assistance prior to registering for the STOP Class.

What if I was cited for my involvement in an Accident?

Prior to registering for a STOP Class, you MUST call the Sarpy County Attorney's Office at (402)593-2230 to determine eligibility. If you register for class and are not eligible to take the STOP Class, your class fee WILL NOT BE REFUNDED.

When is the class held?

**Remember to complete the class any time between when you receive your ticket and no later than 7 days prior to the court date on your ticket.**

Classes are available on various weeknights from 6 – 10 pm and weekend morning and afternoons.  When you register on-line, you first enter information regarding yourself and information off of your citation.  The second page lists all the dates/times/locations based on the court date on your citation.  If you register in person or by phone, we will provide you with a schedule from which you can choose a class. If registering online, and no classes are listed or the ones listed do not fit with your schedule, contact the Sarpy County Safety Program (402)593-1564 for further assistance.

Where is the class held?

Sarpy County Sheriff’s Office
8335 Platteview Rd., Papillion, Ne
**Located at the southeast corner of 84th St. & Platteview Rd., Papillion**

From 84th St. / Hwy. 370, travel south on 84th St.  (approx. 2-3 miles)
Once you reach Platteview Rd., do not turn left. 
84th St. will begin to curve to the right.
On that curve, turn left.
Turn left onto access road leading to north parking lot.
Enter SCSO through north door.  Classroom is just inside.

How do I register?

When registering in person, bring the following: 

Once you register, you will be given a receipt with the following information.  If registering on-line or by phone, this information will be sent to you through e-mail.


After I complete the class, what happens to my ticket?

Tickets with one charge:
On the next business day, your ticket will be dismissed.  You do not need to call and check on your ticket.  Do not pay your ticket, this could result in the ticket showing up on your driving record.

Tickets with more than one charge:
On the business day after your STOP Class, call the Sarpy County Attorney's Office at (402)593-2230 to see if there are additional charges or fines. Failure to call the Sarpy County Attorney's Office may result in your ticket being filed with Sarpy County Court, paying $49 court cost fee, and the fine for that violation(s).

If you have been to court for your ticket:
Your ticket has been filed with Sarpy County Court, and you owe $49 court costs. If you have not already paid your court costs, you may do so online through or contact Sarpy County Court at (402)593-2250 for more information.

Weather Cancellation

If class is cancelled due to deteriorating weather conditions, a cancellation notice will be posted on local television stations KETV, WOWT, and KMTV and/or their websites.


Telephone:       402-593-1564

E-mail:             [email protected]

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